Course materials

This is where your Personal Learning Network begins. Here you can access the materials for each unit and extra resources and reading. We’ll release the materials and tasks for each unit a few weeks beforehand, so you can work ahead if you have time – or just check out what’s coming up.

Here’s how to get started:

First, read How this course works and sign up to our Edmodo classroom.

In brief, each unit includes three or four tasks and a reflection question. Complete each task, then report back to us and your fellow participants on your experience and reflections by posting a progress report  for each unit on your course journal (this is a blog – you’ll set one up in Unit 1), and send us the link through Edmodo.

We monitor your progress by your blog posts and in our Edmodo classroom, so don’t forget to post as you go.

Program and tasks

Introduction: How this course works

1.  Get started: your basic toolkit

2. Organising information

3. Building networks

[break over school holidays]

4. Teaching and learning tools

5. Refine the web (find and sort resources)

6. Changing practice in a digital environment

7. The future of learning


Extra blog DIY hints:

How to change your blog template

How to manage blog comments

How to add widgets and links

How to embed multimedia

How to add a tag cloud

Posts or pages?