It’s a wrap!

Please join us next Wednesday (June 13, 4pm ) for our final PLN web conference, to review the course, hear from you about your thoughts and learning, and wrap up this year’s PLN.

Here’s the link you need to get into the session.

No matter which unit you’re up to this week, we hope to talk to you then.

Huge congratulations to everyone who is finishing up at present. We’re loving these digital stories.

A few people have asked about the cut-off date – when does the PLN stop?

We’ll keep supporting you for a few more weeks, so you can keep working if you need to catch up. At the end of the next school holidays, we’ll prepare the certificates which recognise the units you’ve completed at that date.

Even after that you can keep working with the materials for as long as you like, although we won’t be on roster all day to support and monitor your progress. But if you need us, you can still get in touch via the facebook group or Twitter (or email) at any time.

Of course, now you have access to an online network and all these tools, the PLN community never stops.

The Facebook group keeps going so you can talk with other people and us there any time. The hashtag #VicPLN twitters on day in day out, and many of those using it are course alumni like you.

We’ll also have a few web conferences and meet-ups over the coming months to keep in touch.



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About plnteam

The PLN team comprises teachers, librarians and web specialists who work together to provide the Victorian PLN course and support its participants. You can read more about the team members here:
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