We’re not done just yet

While the Victorian PLN has officially finished up with the end of Unit 12, don’t forget that there is still some time to catch up on any units and work that you may have missed. The course will stay up on this website for quite a while and the PLN team are still reading your blogs, checking the email account for your questions and waiting for your digital stories to roll in so we can keep ourselves entertained.

We will begin printing certificates for the course at the end of the Victorian school holidays (July 13) which means you still have about 3 weeks to catch up and write any blog posts for the course. The certificates you receive will reflect the units completed, but this is only a small part of the course. You should also have a think about how long you have spent on the course and add this to your own records for your professional development.

While the course will officially finish up, remember that the Victorian PLN is only the beginning. Hopefully this is just a step towards you being part of the wonderful VicPLN community, which you can find on Twitter through the #vicpln hashtag, the VicPLN Facebook group and more. Keep those blog posts rolling in, let us know how you’re going on Facebook and remember to email us if you have any problems at all.

Cameron (for the PLN team)

About plnteam

The PLN team comprises teachers, librarians and web specialists who work together to provide the Victorian PLN course and support its participants. You can read more about the team members here: http://vicpln.global2.vic.edu.au/about-the-pln/the-2012-pln-team/
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