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If you need help with any aspects of the course, get in touch.


Phone: 03 8664 7099

You can also post a question in the Facebook group.

If you need help, check our Help Wiki.

Or you can ask a question in the chat window below (we can’t promise to answer right away if it’s the middle of the night, though!), or leave a comment for us on any page or post.

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5 Responses to Contact us

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  3. sueo23 says:

    How do I access the Multimedia part of Week 8? Or am I too far ahead of the curve? I am getting a (very witty) 404 message when I click on the link!

  4. shayne keenan says:

    is the pln course like 2012 to run in 2013
    i missed the 2012 course.

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