Unit 5: Which comes first – pedagogy or technology?

1. Objective

As technology becomes even more pervasive in its application and affordability, bigger issues arise around how it should drive or influence the school curriculum and learning.

In this unit you will be exploring ideas, studies, and resources around the relevance and power of technology in education and the impact it has on children’s learning, particularly with the impact of mobile devices in various learning environments.

By the end of this unit, you will have examined what learning means in the 21st century, weighed up the benefits and limitations of mobile devices with your students, and investigated the use of apps in education.

2. Tasks

Here are the key tasks for this week:

1. Learn more about ‘Learning in the 21st Century’: What is it, and what does it look like?

2. Talk to your students about mobile devices and learning

3. Discover more about apps and how to find the right app for each task 


3. Reflection question

In late 2010, the OECD released their ‘Top 5 actions to take in education today’. They highlighted the core areas of good pedagogy and teaching taken from responses from around the world.

In a blog post, outline your views regarding the top 5 list. Then consider your own core beliefs about education. What are your guiding principles for education and have these changed over time? After completing this unit, have your views on technology in education changed in any way? How much of a role do these technologies have in shaping education today and in the future?


10 Responses to Unit 5: Which comes first – pedagogy or technology?

  1. marya says:

    What a great unit! I have spent the weekend working on it and have created a Google survey form for the grade 5 and 6 students to answer the questions on mobile devices. I am so proud of my work!

  2. marya says:

    Is there a task checklist for unit 5? I can’t find it.

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  4. Sue Jenkins says:

    Pedagogy comes first, technology is a means to achieve results. By staying ahead of the general core of students we can introduce the tech tools (as appropriate) to facilitate their learning and prepare them for their safe use of future tools. Critical awareness is just as important on the web as on the streets.

  5. margaret doyle says:

    Interesting reading and videos to watch and all the young ones up on all the latest apps for their phone etc.

  6. margaret doyle says:

    would be great to have all the latest technology in the library for the students to use

  7. margaret doyle says:

    I am sure many teachers are using all the latest apps etc in their classrooms as this seems to be the way to go

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