Unit 6: Glogster

One of the most popular presentation tools that we have found is Glogster. Glogster can be used to create virtual posters, whcih can include text, images, videos and links to other resources.

You can have a play around and create your own Glog without the need to sign in, but there is also the option to create an education account so your students can share their glogs with you. (To find out more about this watch this guide to setting up an education account).

Guide to using Glogster Edu

2 Responses to Unit 6: Glogster

  1. msdonoghue says:

    I would always recommend using GlogsterEdu with students. We had a situation where a teacher used glogster by mistake, a student was contacted by an ‘outsider’ and the parents rang the school concerned. Just a tip.

  2. margaret doyle says:

    This is a great unit but I need to spend more leisurely time exploring all the great ideas in this unit

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