Unit 9: Research tools

1. Objective
In this unit, you’ll learn about online tools that record your references, auto-generate bibliographies and let you take notes online. You’ll also look at article databases from the State Library of Victoria.

By the end of this week, you will have:

  • explored Evernote, a powerful note-taking and organisational tool
  • explored article databases from the State Library of Victoria (or similar institution) and the ergo website
  • looked at search engines and referencing tools.

2. Task
Here are the key tasks for this week:

3. Reflection questions
Use these questions to help you post on your blog. Also share any ideas or thoughts about what you’ve learnt on Twitter or Facebook.

  • How might you use a tool like Evernote in your own work? How might students use it?
  • Should students be making use of online tools to organise their research, or do they still need to manually learn organisational and referencing skills?
  • How do you critically analyse the quality of information provided on the web?
  • What are the information literacy skills that students will require to be successful in work and later life? Are we preparing students for the future?

7 Responses to Unit 9: Research tools

  1. Marianne Macartney says:

    I loved this Unit – it all makes sense to me. As you know I have struggled with Google reader, twitter and facebook but evernote is just so easy to use! It is relevant to my life! As a memner of the eduaction team at SLV I have used on line data bases and ergo. The work on referencing tools also relevant adn easy for me to understand and use.

  2. Chrismc says:

    I love DuckDuckGo and have installed it as my search engine. The reason I like is because it doesn’t track my searches. It will take a while to adjust to the different look after Google but the privacy aspect of DuckDuckGo makes it worth persevering with for me. Thanks for the tip SLVPLN.

  3. Brenda says:

    •Should students be making use of online tools to organise their research, or do they still need to manually learn organisational and referencing skills?

    Absolutely! Online tools such as Bibme are fantastic. I still like to run my students manually through finding resource details (author,publisher, etc.) but encourage them to use any good online tools at their disposal.

    • plnteam says:

      And Bibme is good because it does prompt students to fill in unknown details, so they are still doing that work but it’s a more accessible way for them to learn correct referencing. I wish we had this when I was at uni.
      Cam (the PLN team)

  4. fred1234 says:

    I liked duckduckgo as a seach engine for the lower grades. The whole unit has been a great learning experience and I still need time to explore it more

    • plnteam says:

      That’s great! I know it’s hard to find time to explore everything in the course, and also things change so fast. That’s why a PLN is such a help in keeping us up to date, too.
      (for the PLN team)

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