Unit 9: Accessing article databases online

You can access a large number of article databases online using the State Library of Victoria website. Victorian residents can sign up to become a member for free, allowing you access to online databases.  (If you’re not a Victorian resident, have a look at your local, state or national library service to see what’s available. They’re likely to provide similar services and use similar terms, so you can follow the same process as outlined below.)

Watch these videos to find out about accessing the State Library’s newspaper and article databases.

Researching newspapers (around 3 minutes)

Online databases (3 minutes)


How to access the State Library of Victoria article databases

On the left hand side of the State Library of Victoria’s home page under the heading ‘Get to know your library’, select the link ‘Access eresources from home’ (for this exercise go to ‘Multi-subject databases’ and then select EBSCO (Academic Search Premier and Master File Premier).

Once you have selected the database (eg. Multi-subject databases) you’ll be redirected to a login screen where it asks for your barcode and surname. Hopefully you’ve had a chance to register with SLV. If you’ve received a card or notification in the post, you can enter your seven digit barcode number at this point.

Once EBSCO is open, take a look at the search options and look for articles relating to one of the concepts covered so far in the PLN program which interests you.


Related resources – ergo

The ergo website is another resource from the State Library of Victoria. The site is designed for students, with guides to essay writing, research and study skills as well as over 700 digitised resources from the Library’s collections. You can explore digitised items, grouped by historical subject in the Explore History section. There are also a number of tips about research skills, organising information and essay writing in the Learn skills section. Take a look at ergo and share your thoughts on how it could be used.

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7 Responses to Unit 9: Accessing article databases online

  1. Amanda Ellingworth says:

    Having trouble access the online newspaper databases on the State Library website.
    I can log on OK to the website with my State Library card &
    I have cleared my cookies etc
    I am assuming it is an issue with the ports being blocked at work and therefore will check my access at home

    • plnteam says:

      I can only imagine so Amanda. Let us know how you go.

      I would hope you have a good case for getting us unblocked!

      Heath, for the PLN team

      • Amanda says:

        Found out what the problem was. Something needed to be enabled on my membership record at the SLV. Took a visit to the SLV and a phone call but no issues accessing now.

  2. Brenda says:

    Have found this unit particularly useful!

  3. Sandra says:

    A bit sad :(, as a South Australian resident I’m unable to access the the online databases even though I registered with the State Library of Vic & they sent me a card. I rang them this morning and explained I was part of the PLN but was told sorry, that’s their policy. Pity I didn’t give them the address of some of my Vic rellies!
    Thankfully I have remote access to the SA State Library databases so that’s some consolation. I’m very familiar with Press Display & TROVE (I regularly promote these 2 databases to our senior students) but had not tried Google News Archive before. I know our students will find that very useful too. I also encourage all Yr 11 & 12s to register with the State Library of SA for remote access to online resources.

    • plnteam says:

      Unfortunately the database access is limited to Victorian residents. I would imaging the South Australian State Library has very similar resources (as would most State Libraries). Good move encouraging those students to join!
      Cam (the PLN team)

  4. Megan says:

    I have joined SLV and am wating for my card. Ergo looks great. Quickly looked at the Ned Kelly material. Great for our year 7s

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