Edmodo calendar page

1. The calendar tab is the best place to see an overview of your assignments and any  upcoming activities like webinars. To access it, select the Calendar icon on the right side of the screen.

Edmodo open planner

2. You will see the weekly view when the planner opens. In the bottom right hand corner you’ll get a summary of upcoming events. In the bottom left you can create lists of future tasks and events. Did you notice the black bar appear at the top of the page when you clicked the planner icon? You will need to click on the ‘x’ in the right corner to return to your Edmodo home page.

Edmodo planner view

3. To only display events from a specific group, use the drop down menu in the top right hand corner (in this example it is showing Everything). Select a group to show only events from that group. This is particularly useful for when you run your own classes with Edmodo.


4.  The Monthly view is a useful way to get an idea of the structure of the course.  Any entry that begins with Due is an assignment, while scheduled events for the PLN course begin with a time.

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