Sign up for Edmodo and join the course

The PLN course will be run through Edmodo, an online learning tool. Think of Edmodo as our virtual classroom.

It’s where you’ll connect with other PLN participants and members of the PLN support team, submit your assignments, ask questions and share resources.

Here’s how to join (if you already use Edmodo, just log-in and then skip straight to step 6)

1. To get started with Edmodo, visit and select I’m a Teacher.

Edmodo sign up step 1

2. Enter your name, email address and choose a password. You can also select your title. Please use your full name in Edmodo – that way we’ll know who you are.  As Edmodo is an educational platform you have a great deal of control over privacy and the information that is shared.

You will have to agree to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy of Edmodo.

Edmodo sign up step 2

3. Search for your school name (if it’s not there then choose Add it here). Choose Next Step to move on.

Edmodo sign up step 3

4. Upload a profile picture (we’d appreciate it if you use a current photograph of yourself for the duration of this course) and then enter the URL (or web address) for your public profile. The public page will display the following information: Your name, your school and your photograph.

Edmodo sign up step 4

5. You can choose communities to follow, but at this stage we recommend you skip this step. You might be a bit busy to start with, so save this for later when you want to connect with other educators at the end of the course. Instead, just select Go to My Homepage! to move on.

Edmodo sign up step 5

6. You should now be taken to your Edmodo home page. This is where you will see all of the messages and notes from any groups you belong to. The first step is to join the PLN course group. In Groups select the Add symbol (plus in a circle) then select Join.

Edmodo sign up step 6

Join the VicPLN 2013 group by pasting the code we sent you by email into the box that appears. Click Join!

(Note: You must use the code we emailed you when you registered. If you didn’t receive it or have lost the code please email us on asking for the code again).

Edmodo sign up step 7

7. Now you should be a member of the PLN group. To see the activity in the group, select the group name under Groups. Once you select it, you will only see that group’s activity.

Edmodo sign up step 8

8. Your final step is to reply to our welcome message. You should see a message asking you to tell us a little about yourself. Click on the speech bubble to reply. Enter your message and select Reply to post your message.

Edmodo sign up step 9


Edmodo sign up step 10

9. That’s it, you’re all done. But if you made a mistake with your post, then you also have the option of editing or deleting it. Just hover over the post until a cog appears to the right of your reply. You can click it to select Edit Reply or Delete Reply.

That’s all you need to do for now in preparation for the course. Keep an eye on Edmodo and your emails and when the course begins you’ll receive a message directing you to the first unit, which begins on June 10.

In the meantime if you have any questions about the course then check out our FAQ page or drop us a line. Good luck!

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