Unit 1: Get started

Welcome to the first unit of the Victorian Personal Learning Network program.  Over the next seven units you’ll not only add to your toolkit and your skills, but also connect with other educators and begin to develop your own professional network online.

Before we get started, make sure you’re familiar with how the course runs and have signed up to our online classroom in Edmodo.

Enough warm-up. Let’s kick off.

In this unit, you’ll kit yourself out with some core tools to help you through the course (and hopefully beyond):

  • You’ll set up a Google account and use interactive mapping
  • You’ll subscribe to some blogs or news websites
  • You’ll start your course journal – your very own blog.
Each unit includes background material, tasks for  you to complete, and an assignment which you lodge in Edmodo – usually, this will be an entry in your course journal recording your responses to the reflection questions we’ll pose. You will find those both in Edmodo and on the unit pages.

Here’s a brief introduction:

So let’s get cracking. Go to the first step.

In this unit you will find pages about:

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