Unit 3: Networking

In this unit, we’ll look at the nature of personal learning networks and a couple of the tools we use to keep the network buzzing.

This week you’ll:

If you have some spare time, you can also give Google+ a test drive.


Reflection questions 

For your blog post for this unit, we’d like you to write your reflections on the idea of online professional communities. What role might they play in education – for you? And tell us a little about how you find the tools we suggest. Have you used Twitter or facebook before? Did one or the other appeal to you? Do you have objections or are they blocked in your school? What scope can you see for tools like these in collaborating or communicating with colleagues?

Post your answers to these questions (and other reflections on the unit) on your blog, then post the link as your assignment via the calendar in Edmodo.

If you like, as well as submitting in Edmodo, you can share the link in the VicPLN facebook group, or on Twitter using the hashtag #VicPLN.

In this unit you’ll find materials about: