Unit 4: Teaching and learning tools

So far in this course, we’ve discussed a range of concepts and a few tools that enable us to engage with those concepts online. Now we’re going to come at things from a slightly different angle. With so many web tools available, it’s more important than ever to think about technology critically, and to teach students how to evaluate tools they use on the web.

In this unit, we’ll discuss some of the issues commonly raised about online tools in education, and we’ll look at how to evaluate tools for learning and teaching. We’ll think about how combining technology into our professional practice enables us to transform learning – our own and students’. We do focus on issues in education, but many of these ideas are just as relevant to our personal and broader professional use of web tools.

This week you’ll:

  • read about some of the issues with free web tools
  • explore frameworks for assessing online tools
  • evaluate a tool of your choice.

Reflection questions

After you’ve looked over our notes on free tools and assessment frameworks, you’ll choose a web tool from our list and produce something you can embed or link to in your blog.

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