Unit 4: Evaluate an online tool

The concept

The key concepts underpinning the unit are covered in Free tools and Assessing the value of tools.  After the theory, it’s time to have a play.

The task

We’ve put together a comprehensive list of free web tools (either recommended by us or by members of the VicPLN community). We want you to browse through the list, and select one that sounds interesting to you. You’re going to spend some time evaluating the value of the service, how it could be used in education or for professional learning, and the overall quality of the tool.  Then you’ll write a review and post it on your blog. Use the questions below to inform your response.

Reflection questions

  • Does the service require a login? If so, what information needs to be provided when signing up for an account?
  • Read through the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy of the site (if applicable). Do you see any potential issues for staff or student use?
  • How could you use this tool in your professional learning? Can you see it being useful to someone else in your organisation? Why?
  • Could this tool be used in an educational setting? What tasks might students complete using the tool? How could it change the tasks students are already doing? Where does it fit in the SAMR model of assessment?
  • Were you able to create something useful with the tool? Is it easy to share what you’ve done by either publishing it online or even embedding it into your own site? If so, share what you created by pasting a link into your blog entry or embedding the item.

Here’s the list of tools again

When you’ve written your blog entry, submit your assignment in Edmodo (you can submit your assignment in Edmodo by clicking here). If you’re hungry for more, then feel free to go back to the list and choose other tools to explore. You’re only limited by time and your ability to remember all of those login details! And if you have another tool that you’ve been wanting to explore and it’s not on the list, feel free to review that one as well.