Unit 7: The future of learning

Congratulations! You’ve made it to the final unit of this PLN course.

In this unit we’ll  focus on some tools and resources to enable you to continue your own learning after the course, and also explore some possible futures for learning and education.

In this unit you’ll:

We hope you enjoy it.

Reflection questions for your blog post:

In summary, your task for this unit is to work through the following pages, create a screencast and a digital story, and then post both on your blog. (You’ll see examples of these and find out about some production tools as you go.)

Here’s what we’d like to hear about in your digital story, so you can start thinking about it:

  • What are the key things you learned during the course?
  • Were there any highlights?
  • How did you feel during the course – did it change from trepidation to frustration to joy or vice versa? Or something else completely?
  • How would you describe the course to someone else? Would you encourage them to do it?
  • Did anything slow or stop your progress?

Of course, it’s your story, so you can add anything you like.

But now let’s go to the first section of this unit – Learning folios.