Blog DIY #1: Appearance

Now you’ve set up your blog, here are some ways you can make it feel more like your own. You don’t have to change the design or photos, but please take a look at some of these options so you know what’s possible.


When you started your blog you chose a template or theme.

You can change this if you decide it’s not right for you (or if you’ve chosen the same template as everyone else!).

In your blog dashboard, click on Appearance on the left hand side, and then Themes. You’ll see a huge range of designs you can choose. If you see one you like, click on Preview underneath the design and you’ll see how it would look on your blog.

If it looks great, click Save & Activate. You can always change back if it doesn’t work, or choose another template if you get sick of it.

This video walks you through the process of finding and activating a new template or a new photo:

Here’s more information on how to choose and activate new themes:

Perhaps you’ve chosen a design you love, but you’d like to have a different photo across the top (this depends on the template – some have photos, like ours, but some don’t).

Here’s how to upload your own photo header.