Blog DIY #5: Tag clouds

Tags are words or short phrases attached to information online. For example, when you tag your blog posts it helps people follow topics that interest them by clicking on relevant tags.

Once you’ve added tags to your posts, you can add a new widget to your blog that lets people use the tags to find posts.

The way tags often appear is in a “cloud”: that means that the tags which are used most will appear in a larger font than others. This allows people to see at a glance what the most tagged – and therefore probably the most important – topics are. Like this one, from Kathleen Morris’s Primary Tech blog:

Image of tag cloud

When someone clicks on one of the words in the tag cloud, they’ll see a list of all the blog posts tagged with that term.

(So now if you see a tag cloud on someone else’s blog, you’ll know what it’s for.)

You can add a tag cloud to your blog, too. Here’s Cathy to tell us how.