Resubmit an assignment in Edmodo

To resubmit an assignment, first you’ll need to locate it either through the Calendar or from the Group Posts page (try Filter posts by then click assignments).

1. Click on the button that says Turned In.

Screen 1 Turned in button

2. It will take you to the submission page where you can select the Resubmit Assignment button.

Screen 2 resubmit button

3. You will see a new tab is created each time you submit or resubmit. Leave us a note, click on the Link icon just as you did for your original submission and attach your additional or revised post. Lastly select the blue Turn In Assignment button.

Screen 3 resubmit process


You can resubmit or edit your assignment as many times as you like until it has been graded. Once graded, you can no longer edit your assignment submission. This is one of the reasons why we don’t grade assignments and send a note instead if there’s something you need to add to your post to complete a unit task.