Submit an assignment in Edmodo

You will need to submit an assignment in order to complete each unit of the PLN course. This will generally be a reflection about your learning for the unit. You will make these reflections on your blog (which we will set up in Unit 1 – this will be your learning journal). To submit your assignment in Edmodo all you need to do is paste in the address of your blog post into each week. This is how the PLN team will keep track of your progress.

1. Assignments will appear in your Group Posts, with a Turn In button and the Due Date. To submit your assignment, simply select Turn In.  (Tip: you can easily search for assignments in group posts. Click Filter posts by in the top right corner of your posts and select Assignments.)

screen 2 assignment via group post

Another way to see your assignments is on the Calendar page. Select the Calendar icon on the right side of the screen then select the assignment to see the details. When you are ready you can click the Turn In button.

screen 1 assignment in calendar

2. Now you will be taken to the submission page. You can enter a brief note about the assignment (ie. Here is the link to my blog post for Unit 1) in the text field. Then choose the Link icon to paste in the address of your blog post.

screen 3 assignment link submit

3. Paste the link of your blog post into the Link field. Edmodo will try to automatically fill in the Title box with the name of the post, but you can edit this if you like. Click Attach to finish.

4. Now you will see that the link has been attached. If you need to delete the link click the red ‘x’.

screen 4 assignment turn in with link attached

5. Before you submit your assignment, choose one of the Face icons to indicate how you felt about the assignment. Then click on Turn in Assignment.

screen 5 emoticon feedback

6. When your assignment is submitted it will be displayed with an Awaiting Grade status. (Note: If you made a mistake, you can simply hit the Resubmit Assignment button).

screen 6 assignment properly submitted

7. When the assignment has been graded it will show as Graded, and you will see your mark. You will also see a comment on your blog post from a member of the PLN team with more detailed feedback. (Please note- completed assignments will always be graded as 100/100. If an assignment is incomplete we will send you a note asking you to resubmit or add more detail to your post.)