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Q: How do I share a note on my iPad?

A: Check out the guide here.


Q: How do I share a note on my computer (either the web version or the installed software)

A: A video showing the process is below. Or you can view these step by step guides to sharing a note in the web version of Evernote and sharing a note on the Windows version of Evernote.

Q: How do I share an entire notebook online?

A: You can share full notebooks online, but at this stage only if you have installed Evernote on your computer (not the web browser version). Here’s the guide to sharing notebooks on Evernote (Windows PCs).

Q: How do I move a note from one notebook to another?

A: Watch the guide below.

Q: If a note is made public in Evernote, shared but then filed into a new notebook will the public link still work?

A: The public link will still work, even if you move the note to a new Notebook. Also remember that if you edit a shared note then the new version of the note will stay visible online, be careful what you add to a shared note after you share it.

Q: Can I install the Web clipper on my iPad?

Yes, you can install the web clipper in the Safari browser, but it’s a bit of a complicated process. You need to get the Evernote bookmarklet  code from this site here: (it’s in a box called Clip to Evernote. Copy the whole code). Now watch the video below for what you need to do next. Good luck! 

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