How to: add tools and widgets

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How to: add tools and widgets
<p>&nbsp;</p> <p>You can add a whole range of tools and features to your blog, from a simple search box to a Google map to a list of your favourite links.</p> <p>Here's all the information you need about extra tools, functions and widgets (or optional extras) you can add to your blog:</p> <p><a title="Go to Edublogs help" href="">Widgets</a> (Edublogs)</p> <p><a title="Widgets | Wordpress" href="">Widgets</a> (Wordpress)</p> <p><a title="Go to Edublogs help" href="">Insert tools and multimedia </a>(Edublogs)</p> <p>Here's how to add your Twitter updates to your blog.</p> <p><a title="Go to Wordpress help" href="">Wordpress Twitter widget video</a></p>

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